Matter of Fact Software was founded in 2008 to develop and bring to market innovative software products that solve real business issues in the IBM Mainframe arena. Our principle area of expertise is in CICS® running on z/OS®.

Our strengths are founded on the many years of practical experience of our Directors in the Information Technology arena. Collectively, Matter of Fact Software has many decades of commercial experience of supporting business that rely on CICS.

We specialise in publishing software that will help users of CICS® and CICSPlex SM® to provide improved levels of support to their systems.


We are passionate about the IBM system z server (mainframe) and firmly believe that it is the best platform for business critical systems.

Our aim is to help mainframe users to exploit their investment in this superior environment

We believe that there is no substitute for technical expertise in a software company.

Matter of Fact Software is operated in a debt-free manner.

Pricing Policy

We operate a simple pricing policy based on the relative size of your system z technology platform.

We recognise three sizes: Very Large; Large and Small - licence fees are based on this categorisation.

A software licence permits un-restricted use of our software product at a given site.

A second site will require a second licence although this will be at a discount to the primary site licence.

No usage based charges will ever apply to the software.